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About Us

Since 1991, the professionals at ATS have personally handled over 7,000 air ambulance, organ procurement and private charter flights in over 150 countries on six continents making us one of the leading international, medical transportation and luxury charter specialists. Aircraft used for ATS transfers are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or governed by the foreign equivalent certification and equipped with state-of-the-art, advanced cardiac life support systems, IV systems and medications.


Our medical staff includes in-flight physicians, registered ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedics all with extensive training in critical care and aviation theory.  On call staff available based on specialty. All flights are stocked with industry recommended, critical medications enabling us to extend the same, top quality care you expect with each air transport.


Our luxury, private flights extend catering and personal assistance, ground transportation, transfer coordination as well as hotel and other accommodation needs.


The safety and security of each and every flight is the number one priority at ATS. Operating in bases worldwide, our flight operations are performed by independently rated carriers in strict accordance with FAR Part 121 and Part 135 regulations or foreign equivalent. Our proven performance and reliable security and privacy measures make ATS a trusted name in global air charter services.


To learn more, contact one of our ATS Services specialists.

Why Choose ATS?

At ATS, it’s our mission to see that you travel in comfort, safety and privacy. We appreciate that your travel situation can be a sensitive and personal endeavor. We’ll provide you with the ultimate experience, exercising consideration and discretion.  Fly in the comfort of your own private charter, right from your home city to that of your preferred destination.


Beyond air travel, ATS will assist you with:         

  • Hotel and accommodations

  • Ground Transportation

  • Customs. Clearance and Visa assistance

  • Specialty needs and personal assistance

  • Catering: Religious and dietary requirements


Our entire flight staff is cross-trained in CPR, altitude physiology and critical care to safely monitor you during your travels. We are ready to fly you anywhere in the world to get you the medical service you desire.


Prior to your trip, our travel coordinators will consult with your physician for a thorough evaluation of your condition in order to assemble the appropriate medical team for your transport and properly identify staffing and medical equipment needs. Preflight preparation includes complete medical screening to brief the staff of conditions and medications.


To further assist you, we can also aid with visas, coordinate customs/foreign consulates, arrange ground transportation and accommodations as well as additional services that you may require, such as in flight meal service, (dietary or religious preferences) or personal assistance.


Contact us now for the safest, most convenient means of transportation worldwide.

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