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Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance Services


Since 1991, our team of professionals at ATS has personally handled over 7,000 air ambulance, organ procurement and medical charter flights in over 150 countries on six continents.


We are one of the leading international, medical transportation specialists. The aircraft used for air ambulance transfers are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and/or governed by the foreign equivalent certification and equipped with state-of-the-art advanced cardiac life support systems.


Medical staff includes physicians, registered ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedics all with extensive training in critical care and aviation theory.

ATS Ambulatory Transport


Air Ambulance: Emergency and Non-Emergency Services

Each year, thousands of individuals travel internationally to receive the best medical treatment available to them, from scheduled, elective procedures to emergency, life-saving situations. ATS will get you to the care you want, when you want it and where you want it.


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Emergency and Urgent Care

Each of the ATS medical staff has five+ years of ICU/CCU experience and all ATS pilots have an average of 14,000 flight hours in the medical aviation field. All are certified and cross-trained in aero-medical, high-density training and aviation physiology.


Our dependable, medical air transport division provides aircraft that have been specially equipped with a flight stretcher, advanced life support, resuscitation equipment and are fully stocked with specialty medications allowing our highly trained, medical staff to accommodate high-risk patients.


Our skilled flight crew and staff is specially trained and certified in emergency and disaster relief and are prepared to fly into high-risk areas at a moments notice providing aeromedical and evacuation services.


ATS will fly across borders, and even across oceans, to safely deliver patients to their destinations. Our staff will evaluate the condition and medical records of the patient, coordinate with hospital case managers determine urgency of travel, consider distance and location, and consult the travel preference of each patient to create a travel plan correctly staffed to your needs.  We can provide all or a portion of your travel needs.


ATC provides:


  • ICU equipped flights

  • Highly trained, experienced aero-medical crews.

  • Medical clearance

  • Medical equipment and monitoring

  • Medical bed-to-bed service

  • Ground transportation



  • In-flight nurses and paramedics

  • Stretcher service

  • Aeromedical and Evacuation Services

  • Multi lingual flight crew and medical staff (upon request)

  • Assistance finding a receiving facility

  • Private nurse, point to point




Ambulatory doesn’t have to mean emergency. ATS will arrange flight transportation for scheduled and routine medical procedures and can manage all travel-related logistics for the patient, families and travelling companions.


At ATS, it is our mission to see that no matter where you go, you travel in comfort, safety and privacy. We appreciate that your medical situation can be a sensitive and personal endeavor. We’ll provide you with the ultimate experience, exercising privacy and discretion.  Fly in the comfort and privacy in your own private charter, right from your home city to that of your preferred destination.


Our private planes afford more safety, dependability and convenience than commercial air travel by eliminating unnecessary travel delays and wait times. We ensure safe transit with a dedicated, medical flight staff available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Let the experts at ATS make all the arrangements for you so you can focus on your health and recovery. We specialize in private medical transport services for transfers throughout the US and the world.  Our services include bedside-to-bedside transport with full-service, medical accompaniment in flight and efficient delivery to your admitting facility.



Ask us about our…


  • Highly specialized medial staffing

  • Bedside-to-Bedside service

  • Stretcher Services

  • Medical Escort

  • Medically equipped planes

  • Transportation to and from airport

  • Reduced travel time



Cash and credit card accepted. Do you have questions about insurance coverage? Call ATS for more information. XXX XXX XXXX


  • Easy travel across international borders

  • Emergency or scheduled surgery transport

  • Diagnostics and recurring treatment transport

  • Hotel and other accommodations

  • Customs and clearance/ Visa assistance

  • Specialty needs and personal assistance

  • Religious and dietary requirements


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