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Charter Aircraft

Private Charter:

ATS is globally recognized, private charter company providing discreet and secure air travel since 1991.  No matter your destination, you will travel in comfort, safety and privacy.  With a long, distinguished list of clientele in the corporate, entertainment and professional sports industries, we provide the ultimate travel experience, exercising consideration and discretion.  


Fly in the comfort of your own charter, right from your home city to that of your preferred destination. Our private planes afford more dependability and convenience than commercial air travel by eliminating unnecessary travel delays and wait times. We have dedicated, flight crew available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



  • Personal travel

  • Corporate

  • Entertainment

  • Professional sports

  • Ground transportation

  • Easy travel across international borders

  • Hotel and other accommodations



Our exclusive, global network spans Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America, and guarantees uncompromised security and privacy.


Popular destinations include UAE/Dubai and Saudi Arabia, with frequent flights servicing Riyadh. ATS’s unparalleled private charters specialize in security-sensitive transportation measures unique to political and royal figures.


  • Customs and clearance/Visa assistance

  • Specialty needs & personal assistance

  • Catering to religious and dietary requirements

  • Empty leg flights

  • Cargo services



Government Assignment & Military Charters



  • Safe and secure prisoner extradition services

  • Renditions

  • Ground Transportation

  • Easy travel across international borders

  • Customs and clearance/ Visa assistance

  • Specialty needs and personal assistance

  • Freight and Cargo

  • Empty leg flights


Transportation services for government and military sectors require a regimented focus and specially trained staff.  Designated ATS crew has been trained to meet the complex and demanding conditions that are often associated with military and government charters. ATS extends specialized, comprehensive charter services for political and military needs, repatriation services and international disasters relief efforts throughout the Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the United States.


We provide security-sensitive transport services and experienced personnel to handle the delicate or potentially high-risk nature of prisoner transfers and critical medical transport. You can depend on our discretion and privacy. All ATS staff is bound by strict confidentiality agreements, resulting in a trusted resource.


You can also count on ATS services for international disaster relief and humanitarian efforts for NGOs and FEMA related incidents. We will transport life-saving staff as well as supplies and cargo needs.



  • Government Officials

  • Congressional and Senatorial

  • VIP services

  • Flight tracking and planning

  • Rapid Response

  • Emergency and evacuation flights

  • Military Aeromedical and Evacuation Services

  • Repatriation




ATS can take care of all your scheduling needs. Use us to pre-schedule flights or rely on us for on-call and rapid-response, emergency services anywhere in the world.  Our proven performance and reliable security measures make ATS a trusted name in government air charter services and cargo transport.


ATS has access to a large inventory of aircraft all over the world, including small turboprops, midsize business jets and executive airliners, to meet all of your corporate air travel needs with an immediate response time.


Our state-of-the-art jet-concierge provides services beyond transportation, from specialty food services & catering to private ground transportation. 




We have the specific equipment and experienced pilots needed to handle the complex and challenging conditions associated with natural disasters rescue and relief efforts, assuring skill and safety in disaster-related activities. The ATS team is logistically and physically prepared for the barriers presented by affected regions allowing recovering efforts to take precedence.




Use ATPS Private Jet Charters to gain access to any exotic destination you want to be in the world. Create your own schedule, travel on your timetable. Save time and avoid the crowds & hassles of commercial travel.

Our distinguished guests enjoy luxury private charter jets flights with a commitment to safety, convenience and discretion. Ask about our VIP services, customized catering and hotel accommodations.



Professional Sports:

The international world of professional sports can bring athletes to some of the most remote places in the world. When accidents and incidents occur at hard to reach destinations, t’s good to know you have access to an emergency service that can pick up on-demand and provide safe transport with a trained crew and experienced emergency flight plans.



Empty Legs:

As an added convenience ATS is able to offer empty legs based on availability.


Our professionals will work with you to coordinate your departure utilizing empty legs from scheduled charter flights giving our customers the benefit of reduced travel costs. Our network of aircraft and travel routes open a world of opportunity for those looking to take advantage of these one-way, private charter flights. Our empty legs are typically one-way and returning to the point of origin. This is great for individuals with flexible schedules, able to travel on short notice. Ask us about our current availability for Empty Legs.


ATS Empty Leg flights are subject to change – please check with an ATS specialist for inquiries and availabilities on unsold segments.


Empty Legs


ATS professional staff and fleets can coordinate your shipping and cargo needs for a wide variety of products from standard freight to medical and other time sensitive materials. We’ll manage the logistics for both domestic and international, from ground transportation to inventory. We have a wide selection of aircraft sizes to accommodate your needs and provide regularly scheduled routes as well as on-demand services. We can arrange for door-to-door delivery or dock-to-dock and we pride ourselves on our reliability and accountability. Please contact an ATS representative for more information.




ATS works with state and federal law enforcement and probation agencies to effectively handle the rendition of prisoners (and any accompanying security officers) for both medical and/or standard extradition services.

Trained professional agents assure safe and timely travel with specialized rendition aircraft and restraint options available for national and international transport. ATS will handle the logistics for sick patients or healthy patients, as well as standard transfers between

national security facilities.

Speak with one of our transportations representatives to find out more about securing specialized escort services and ground transportation.




If you are traveling internationally, you may encounter the need for repatriation services. We can coordinate any necessary flights and ground transportation for you. Need to incorporate ambulatory services with a repatriation, contact one of our scheduling experts for more information.


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